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2063120068 - 8 hours ago
Caller claims to have a grant for you
0002036870028 - 1 day ago
have called my home everyday for the past 3 weeks. Today I answered and he asked for my mother, told him she was on holiday and he demanded to know who i was and said "why are you there". It's my house and it's none of his business anyway. When I asked to know why he was asked he started speaking in something like Russian so I hung up. Very sick of this number calling now. Seen other people's comments and possibly dangerous, threatening to hurt people.
700046111 - 5 days ago
scam subscription number ?3.75 every week for 5 months
1200545016 - 13 days ago
I had a missed call.
384006005 - 13 days ago
2028510564 - 13 days ago
This number is a scam number looking for a man named Bryon banks
700074049 - 14 days ago
Premium text not requested. Billed ?10 to receive (and didn't even receive it?!) Spam!
19940004 - 20 days ago
It is a scam
700040371 - 27 days ago
if you ring 02086112592 just give your name and telephone number which I have done . number given to me by Virgin mobile and was told to ask for a refund and also text STOP to 65018 . well today did get a call telling me refund coming back and they will not call me again. also inform your supplier of this scam number.
700040371 - 27 days ago
Been charged ?4.17 twice for a messaging service i never agreed to.
700040371 - 27 days ago
scamming number as been told by my provider . have been charged ?10 for 2 premium texts. told to send "STOP ALL" to a 65018 number
0002036870028 - 29 days ago
Called me, knew my name and address and then when I told him I was not interested he told me to 'Oh shut up" and rang off. What a sad case of humanity that this person has nothing better to do in his life. Zzzzzzzzzz.
01603789111 - 31 days ago
a missed call
07717500153 - 31 days ago
only silence
08717000007 - 31 days ago
01684616118 - 31 days ago
a missed call
08118247347 - 31 days ago
a missed call
9492565320 - 31 days ago
called me
01367614006 - 31 days ago
Have not heard anything
7037647601 - 31 days ago
only silence