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700040371 - 2 days ago
Charged me ?5 too. I feel so sick.
2064726030 - 3 days ago
They don't say who they are. Just an electronic voice that says to call the number and then repeats it like its urgent. I'm so sick and tired of these f-ing losers harassing the public. I sure hope our new President figures out a way to put an end to this because the Do Not Call list is a joke!
2064726030 - 3 days ago
Claimed I was awarded my grant money, $7000+, which is strange since I never applied for a grant. Scam.
2064726030 - 3 days ago
This number constantly calling loud talking in background
0432040050 - 3 days ago
inumbers search 0432040050 User opinions on number 0432040050 Rated 589 times safety assessment: dangerous Opinion: avoid This number is probably not safe (answer at your discretion) find out who the caller number information 0432040050 Latest comments This guy said a real piece of work. Rapist, drugs girls, extortion,heavy handed dog tactics. Stalking etc. He is a tradie at em all opinion: not safe
0432040050 - 3 days ago
This guy said a real peices of work. Rapist, drugs girls, extortion,heavy handed dog tactics. Stalking etc. He is a traditional at em all
2034574174 - 8 days ago
Came up as calling from Egypt on my i-phone, who wants to talk to me from Egypt!!!!!!!
700040371 - 13 days ago
Same here. Don't know what I got as I delete unimportant things as they arrive.
700046127 - 13 days ago
Exactly the same as other caller I was convinced it was a genuine Morrisons call relating to their points offers. Don't use it.
1798512456 - 17 days ago
Two calls today, I didn't answer, no message left. Phone says the call originates from Russia.
700046826 - 17 days ago
Scammers! Avoid!!!!!
700044152 - 18 days ago
700046118 - 19 days ago
Ive been charged ?72 over 3 months, crooks!!!! How do I get my money back?
700040371 - 22 days ago
Charged me ?5 for a Premium Text received, WHO is it? Crooks.... Thieves. They should be in jail.
01706833770 - 23 days ago
Harasing number. Keeps calling me and callers can't pronounce my name. I am very angry. I have blocked the number but they still leave messages in my voice male and attempt to call me from with eld numbers.
2080774168 - 23 days ago
who called me..!
392849794 - 24 days ago
Insurance company spamming. They will not give up once they start ringing.
587545540 - 24 days ago
Called and hung up
768888913 - 27 days ago
re my credit card and had been used in unuasal place and bought flowers. hotel room , and a girl. problem . dont have a credit card, then was asked would i like to get fore mentisioned. no thanks hung up
1416288453 - 35 days ago
Another scam Asian man claiming bullocks again I get these calls about 7 times a week