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Frostbite wrote:
I had blocked this number and the assholes still keep calling back and leaving a voicemail. So, I called them back like 10 times in a row which they did not like. LOL. They can't speak legible English and yet they all say they are from the US gov't with info on a grant for $7800. Yeah, right.
opinion: harassing | rate: 1 added: 1296 days ago
Anonymous wrote:
They don't say who they are. Just an electronic voice that says to call the number and then repeats it like its urgent. I'm so sick and tired of these f-ing losers harassing the public. I sure hope our new President figures out a way to put an end to this because the Do Not Call list is a joke!
opinion: harassing | rate: - added: 1305 days ago
Anonymous wrote:
Claimed I was awarded my grant money, $7000+, which is strange since I never applied for a grant. Scam.
opinion: not safe | rate: - added: 1305 days ago
Anonymous wrote:
This number constantly calling loud talking in background
opinion: harassing | rate: - added: 1305 days ago

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911239185 - 63 days ago
Nos llamaron esta semana a las 23:30h de la noche con el consiguiente susto a pasar de estar apuntados a la Lista Robinson. ?GENTUZA!
88236900350 - 77 days ago
every week call me? call he disconnected, Why?
35314378878 - 104 days ago
911233933 - 149 days ago
No sé quién es!
88182151199 - 214 days ago
Rouge number. Do not call back
662994008 - 223 days ago
Mi operador móvil me factura SMS y llamadas,qe no echo
1618142192 - 260 days ago
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663001520 - 269 days ago
Como se llama
986166065 - 307 days ago
986166065 - 307 days ago
Necesito saber a que hospital corresponde este número, gracias.
662993450 - 309 days ago
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910714530 - 345 days ago
666043364 - 414 days ago
+34666043364.?.datos personales
911238038 - 415 days ago
Un imbécil que llama
88192185142 - 440 days ago
Ringing all the time. Most annoying
35220301767 - 448 days ago
Very good.
662999077 - 469 days ago
Devuelvo la llamada y una operadora dice que no esra en funcionamiento ACOSO CONSTANTE
22274 - 474 days ago

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